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One day I got scammed, and my company got taken for thousands of dollars. I talked to my friends, and so many have been scammed as well. Then I heard about stolen personal data. I got so frustrated that I decided something had to be done. So I contacted some of my friends, and after a while we came out with the solution: Taklane.

Taklane: A process to remove the doubt, to provide confidence.

The first patented process to defend yourself against fake websites, identity theft and phishing.

Pascal Baisnée, CEO


No more doubts about your sites and your favorite brands in 1 click


A 100% free certification for all Internet users


No registration and no personal information requested

The Taklane solution

Before Taklane, web users could only realize they had been scammed after the purchase of a product, having no assurance where their data was going or who could be using it.

Taklane authenticates and certifies the site and/or the product BEFORE the end of the transaction on the web.

Taklane creates a secure and dynamic digital information chain that removes the risk of fraud. The user can continue his purchases or provide his personal data without risk.

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Taklane is a patented process, it is proactive with its Whitelist as opposed to the Blacklists.

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Taklane provides brands with a consistent network of certified resellers for Internet users.

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Taklane brings branded labels to merchant sites to boost online sales.

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Taklane guarantees the authenticity of a site and fights against the usurption of user account identity.

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From the free mobile application Taklane, the user checks in one click the authenticity of the website. For the purchase of a product, he checks BEFORE the end of the transaction that the e-Commerce site is well labeled by the Brand.

Simple, Free and Anonymous, Taklane removes the doubt present among Internet users.

Why Taklane ?

Taklane will remove doubts and give confidence to the internet user, preventing data theft and fake web sites. Taklane will save brands and institutions the losses related to website-related theft and scamming.

  • Provides Internet users, a free tool for checking benevolent sites
  • It is proactive, unlike alert services on malicious sites, which always work after the fact
  • Creates a community of trusted website owners.
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Professional, suppress the doubt . . .

After you contact us and we do due diligence on your company, we will give you the code to load on your web site identifying your site as the authentic one or as an authorized representative of a brand. Thus, the internet user will recognize your website as the official one.

  • Certify your Digital Identity and your websites
  • Certifies e-resellers of your brand
  • Certifies your distribution network

Web users, no doubt . . .

Free download from your devices store. Then follow the on-line instructions. Then every time you go to a website, the Taklane logo will appear: green if it is the official web site; red if it is not.

  • Certify the identity of the site consulted
  • E-resellers approved by brands
  • Secure web browsing
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